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A live poem, read while touching one finger to its body and another to its breath, stimulates consciousness, offers affinity, dissolves the illusion that we are unknowable to one another, or at least creates a pause from that reality. From the edges of art’s images we catch sight of what cannot be seen directly. In this way, poetry and poems  may reshape perception and even change us.




Not My Darkness, Finalist, Northwest Review Prize, judged by Major Jackson
Metabolic, Finalist, Punt Volat Award for Poetry
Postcards to Ilya Kaminsky, Finalist, La Piccioleta Barca Competition

Mississippi/Minnesota, Wundor Editions Award for Innovative Poetry

Brother on the Bridge, Semi-finalist, Telluride Institute.

Publication, most described in blog posts, with links:

Atmospheric Quarterly, Pine Row Poetry, River Heron Review, Plant-Human Quarterly, KHÔRA, 

Isele Quarterly, Asymptote, Thalia Magazine, Alternating Currents , Northern Colorado Writers Anthology, Fourth River Review, Stonecoast Review, The Bombay Gin, and The Art of Fungi Magazine. 


Several others have appeared in columns by Art Goodtimes in The Telluride Watch, and anthologized by The Telluride Institute's Talking Gourds Stories and Poems.

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