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* Fall, 2021, 'First Communion Seville' will appear in Northern Colorado Writers 2021 Anthology. 

* October of 2020, UK-based Arts journal, La Piccioletta Barca, named as Finalist, 'Postcards to Ilya Kaminsky'. 

* In 2019, Thalia Magazine (Montreal) published four poems, an interview and an artist statement. 

* “Gulf Coast” and 'Dry Lands New Mexico” appear in an anthology by Alternating Currents (2020). 

* Wundor Editions (London) awarded “Mississippi/Minnesota” second place for innovative poetry. 

* 'Bust' is in a 2019 edition of The Bombay Gin, Naropa University.

* “Drama” appears in a 2017 issue of Stonecoast Review. 

* “The Gamete” is in a 2018 issue of Fourth River Review. 

Several others have appeared in Colorado's local press, especially on the Western Slope, one in Step Away Magazine, and two in The Art of Fungi.

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